Premier Fish

Fresh fish

Packaging 20 kg of fresh fish in a bag and inserting the bag in to a carton.

Thanks to the versatile design of the VELTEKO machine, Premier Fish has achieved high-quality bag production and, most importantly, reduced labor costs.


Customer requirements

  • To automate the packing of fish into a bag, followed by putting it into a carton and closing it with a lid.

  • Reduction of personnel costs



Delivered solution

5 complete lines including a Versatile-440 step vertical packaging machine, a carton infeed system and a filled carton outfeed system.



Installation / Functional tests

  • The above table indicates high customer satisfaction with both the commissioning of the machine and its subsequent operation in the plant.

  • Thanks to the precise design of the machine, the functional test and all operating parameters were fulfiled, especially the output 12 bags /min.


Benefits for the customer

  • Savings on packagigng material

  • Reduction of personnel costs

  • Increased efficiency

  • Elimination of manual process improved quality of the packaging

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