Airless technology

Innovative AirLess Liquid Packaging Solution

Velteko introduces an advanced liquid packaging solution for sealed bags containing only primary air, together with improved bag seal quality and higher performance.



Only primary air in the sealed bag

Only the air contained in the packed product

High quality cross seals

Clean, tight and robust hermetic seals
No product in the sealing area
No release of product to outside

High speed performance

Up to 80 bags/min

Working cycle of filling and sealing - Airless technology

Less cost for liquid filler

No need to use typical liquid filler, which saves not only purchase costs but also operating costs, e.g. sanitation.

Clean mechanism for precise seals

High quality of seals & Clean cut

The packaged product does not caramelize on the sealing and cutting mechanism (if it contains sugar), so the sealing process is not affected
The closing cross jaws create seals in the area of the foil hose from which the product is squeezed.



Less cost for liquid filler - Airless technology - Efficient and fully Flexible Packaging

Efficient and fully Flexible Packaging

No air bubbles
- The bag is not bloated and packaging is soft and more pliable
Maximum space utilization
- The packaging adapts to the product as much as possible
- The secondary packaging is more efficiently used



Easy and fast washing of the most stressed machine parts

The hygienic design (according to EHEDG-3-A) of the sealing cross jaws and the cylinders that squeeze the air out of the foil hose
Easy (tool-free) opening of the cross jaws


Explore more about Velteko's unique hygienic design and the highest IP69K protection

Engineered for easy, fast and thorough washing and sanitizing of the entire machine

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Hygienic design - Easy and fast washing - Airless technology Hygienic design - Easy and fast washing - Airless technology


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