Dataservice Velteko

Remote communication with your machine

Various data that is generated during machine operation is recorded and saved.

Velteko Dataservice is a set of hardware and software components that enable this data to be used e.g. For production control and management and/or for machine diagnostics.

Dataservice Support

For remote communication between the machine and the user and/or between the machine and the VELTEKO Service Department. It comes as standard equipment on Velteko machines. Its components are:

01 536x V2  The VPN router ensures a secure connection between the machine and VELTEKO’s Customer Service Department - enabling complete monitoring of the machine.

01 536x V2  IP Service Camera + Headset for online transmission of video and audio with a technician at the machine

01 536x V2  Connectivity – USB, LAN and VPN Router

Dataservice Visual 

Full monitoring of machine use and its technical status from any place in the world that has access to the internet. Dataservice Visual comes as standard equipment on VELTEKO machines.

Dataservice Visual allows you to display data transmitted from the machine into a selected storage media on any external device fitted with a conventional Web browser.

Data from the machine’s terminal can be viewed "off-line" by exporting to a USB flash drive and then manually transferring to an external device. It can also be viewed „on-line“ via Ethernet to a selected network storage with a defined data transmission frequency.

Data recorded during machine operation:

Basic Statistics Number of bags with doses/without doses, meters of foil used, etc.
Events Normal operating events (start, stop, end of film roll, etc.) and errors
Information about doses VELTEKO HS dosers provide complete dose statistics. Other dosers provide statistical data according to their individual features.
Downtime Information about the reason for machine stoppage - type of downtime, duration of time for each type of downtime

Dataservice OPC

Do you want to personally analyze data from the machine? Dataservice OPC makes all machine data accessible to users for evaluation of the system.

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