Unique hygienic design for the ultimate clean

With a complete engineering focus on hygiene, its advanced washdown design features hygiene-optimized surfaces, elimination of hard-to-clean corners and holes, and reduction of other problematic areas.

As a result, you are able to thoroughly wash and sanitize the entire machine, from top to bottom, leaving no place for bacteria or other contaminates to hide.


Engineered for a highly hygienic, anti-allergic and bacteria-free environment:

- Modular, stainless steel construction
- Elimination of hard-to-clean corners
- Max. reduction of horizontal surfaces
- Use of certified construction materials for food manufacturing operations
- Engineered to meet EHEDG / 3-A standards
- Washdown Accessibility
- Up to 80° C (176° F) water temperature

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IP69k - The highest protection available

IP69k certification ensures that our machine can withstand high pressure cleaning and exposure to water and steam, providing unparalleled protection from contamination.

The WASHDOWN series of machines can be completely washed down at extremely high pressure, with very hot water, at very close distances.

velteko hygienic design 2 

- Up to 80° C (176° F) water temperature
- High pressure washer
- Down to 175 mm (6.9 inches) from machine surface
- Up to 100 bar/1,450 PSI with a flow rate of 14 to 16 l/min

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Discover the new series of WASHDOWN VFFS machines


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