Velteko’s Powerseal technology

Maximum tightness and good-looking seals

The Powerseal mechanism enables the cross jaws to achieve the high sealing force needed to achieve optimal seals, maximum seal tightness and beautiful bags for a wide range of films. This sophisticated technology, and the parallel VELTEKO motion-controlled jaws, are the two most important conditions for creating high-quality seals at high speed.

VELTEKO’s SLIM series vertical packaging machines offers the highest possibility of optimizing all necessary conditions to produce high quality seals at high speed.

Velteko`s solution
The compact SLIM-210 (HSV210-SLIM) vertical packaging machine operates with a continuous feed of packaging film and includes two design solutions that are essential for making high quality bags at high speed. These two solutions are:

a) VELTEKO motion-controlled jaws - Sophisticated motion control of the simultaneous cross sealing jaws allows for maximum sealing time at high speed.

b) VELTEKO Powerseal Technology - The special Powerseal mechanism drives the cross sealing jaws, which exert the necessary force to achieve perfect seals with a wide range of films.

Conventional machines do not have these features.

Competitors’ machines – Rotary jaws
By nature of their operating principle, machines with rotary jaws are only able to achieve a fraction of optimal sealing time compared to machines with simultaneously moving jaws. This major drawback is eliminated by using higher sealing temperatures, which is not the optimal solution for creating good-looking seals or achieving maximum seal tightness.

VELTEKO SLIM series vertical packaging machine customers are not exposed to these disadvantages and functional compromises.


Velteko’s Powerseal technology

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