Velteko’s Powerseal technology

Tight and good-looking seals

VELTEKO offers the perfect solution when it comes to packaging snacks and small-pieced products in high-quality pillow bags.

The compact SLIM series of vertical machines has the ability to achieve flawless seals with maximum seal tightness thus creating
good-looking bags on a wide range of films at high speed.


The compact SLIM machine operates with a continuous feed (pulling) of packaging film. This includes two design solutions namely VELTEKO's sophisticated motion-controlled jaws and a power-sealing mechanism that are essential for making high quality bags at high speed.

Powerseal Motion Control Diagram EN

Maximum Sealing Time at High Speed

The advanced motion-control of the simultaneous cross sealing jaws allows maximum sealing time at high speed. This mechanism also ensures the constant jaws pressure for the duration of the entire sealing process.

Excellent Sealing Force

The special power-sealing mechanism drives the cross sealing jaws, which exert the necessary force to achieve perfect seals with a wide range of films.

                                                                                                                                                                        Video VELTEKO Powerseal technology on SLIM series machines

VELTEKO's Powerseal Technology
VS Rotary Jaws

Competitors’ machines use Rotary jaws

By nature of their operating principle, machines with rotary jaws are only able to achieve a fraction of optimal sealing time compared to machines with simultaneously moving jaws. This major disadvantage is compensated by using higher sealing temperatures or by reducing the speed of the packaging.  This is not the ideal solution when it comes to creating good-looking seals or achieving maximum seal tightness.

Read more from our Owner and Head of VELTEKO’s Technical Department Frantisek Smid

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