VT + modules

Thanks to the versatility of VELTEKO vertical packaging machines, you can customize your machine to meet current market needs and the individual technical requirements for your projects. The innovative design of VT + (Versatile Technology Plus) ensures ease of operation.

It reduces demands on the skill of the operator and the time required for machine changovers without impacting performance, reliability and long service life. Its purpose is to prevent operator errors by immediately detecting and correcting them. VELTEKO vertical packaging machines can be equipped with one or more groups, and in the future, can be retrofitted with other module functions.

VT+ simplify unwinding and changing of lead foil format

Automatic adjustment to all operating parameters of the machine when unwinding film rolls.

Sensors for positioning the film edges and adjusting the servomotor are saved as a program.

Positioning the film on the rollers for aligning the date (labels) and adjustments to the angle of the film on the forming collar are monitored electronically and can be saved as a program.

Dials, Gauge

All Manual equipment is equipped with dials or gauges to ensure consistent settings.


VT + modules

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