8 packaging machines

The relationship we have with Velteko goes back to 2003 and is based on honesty and trust. We have purchased a total of 8 Velteko intermittent packaging machines that are currently running two shifts a day. All Velteko machines have been in constant operation since being put into commission and have proven to be 100 % reliable.

The last two Velteko machines we had purchased were for packaging sauerkraut into pillow bags and very high speeds were required. Achieving higher speeds with this type of products is difficult, so extensive customization of the machine was necessary. After special alloys that maintain stable temperatures. We are happy to report that the final delivered machines were able to reach the required speeds, and as with the other 6 Velteko machines we have on our floor, are trouble-free and extremely easy to operate.

The service technicians are always available we need them and resolve all issues in a timely manner. This is a crucial point for us and we greatly appreciate their level of technical knowledge and professionalism.

Our mutual business with Velteko has continued to grow over the years and will do son for the foreseeable future.

Best regards,

Daniel Šebesta

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