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The efficiency and reliability of VELTEKO’s versatile packaging solutions have contributed to strengthening the leading position of Baliarne obchodu, a.s. in the tea and coffee market in Slovakia.


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Cajova pyramidka BOP


  • Product to be dosed - Tea pyramid pouches

  • 2 types of bags: Corner creased bag, Quad seal bag

  • High quality packaging for an exclusive product

  • Packaging from organic material for creating the final bag



After considering all required parameters, the vertical packaging specialists at VELTEKO offered Baliarne a unique, versatile solution for packaging the tea pyramid pouches into the two required stand-up bags with folded bottoms - with marked and sealed edges.

HSV101 Flexible VFFS packaging machine + US 100 create & close packaging machine

  • This packaging line was specially designed to meet the requirements of both floor space and all operating parameters

  • VPN technology allowed for an online connection between VELTEKO‘s Service Department and the packaging machine

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Dosing tests

Drawing from extensive experience of VELTEKO engineers in the packaging of tea, they reached a combination of weight that achieved the required operating parameters and was fully compatible with the VELTEKO packaging line.

Tests proved that the machine achieved the required maximum output of 30 bags/min. and operated properly under normal conditions.

The complete VELTEKO packaging line was delivered and installed in the customer's plant in 2013.

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Achieved results 

  • Quick changeover between different types of bags

  • Smaller machine footprint

  • Instead of using multiple individual packaging machines, Baliarne now utilizes only one complete packaging line that meets all of their requirements

  • Fulfillment of the required packaging volume (up to 18 tea pyramids)

  • Achieving the required speed of 30 bags/min

  • Unique appearance of the final bag


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