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The cost of creating 1 bag has been reduced by 30%

VELTEKO, a specialist in vertical packaging machines, has been working together with Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale since 2016. It is one of the most important and highly regarded candy, sweets and snack manufacturers in India, and has been operating on the market for more than 75 years.

To expand the production and export of its Bakarwadi product, they decided to invest in a new HSV 360 series vertical packaging machine that‘s been specially designed for packaging Indian snack products.


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Customer requirements

The primary requirement of the customer was to find a suitable solution for packaging "Bakarwadi" into standup pouches so higher performance and better appearance of the packaged product were achieved, as well as increased visibility on store shelves.

Due to the low performance of their existing solution at the customer’s factory, and poor presentation of the product, it was necessary to replace the existing packaging method in plastic trays with the VELTEKO packaging process to achieve all the required parameters. The customer needed a packaging machine that could provide a precise snack package, as well as offer performance that could keep up with their packaging line.


VELTEKO's solution

In order to meet the required criteria for Bakawardi packaging, VELTEKO offered the customer an HSV360A-CONTI series vertical packaging machine for making doypack pouches with a zipper reclosing system and pillow bags.

The high quality sealing of the zipper ends has contributed to achieving the desired attractive appearance of the doypack pouches.

In order to maintain the desired freshness, and respect product fragility (due to its size and weight of 10 g/1 pc), it was necessary to optimize the product’s drop height so the percentage of damage to individual pieces in the packages would be reduced.

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Extremely short time to install

Due to successful testing of the packaging machine before shipment, including validation that the film was trouble-free, it only took TWO DAYS (!) for installation and to put the machine into operation at the customer’s factory! 

Installation and staff training took place in September 2016.


  • Attractive appearance of standup pouches.

  • The cost of creating one bag for Chitale has been reduced by 30% thanks to the new VELTEKO packaging machine.

  • Doypack zip reclosure pouches that are made by the HSV360A vertical packaging machine have greatly enhanced the presentation of the Bakarwadi packaged product, which is becoming the company’s trademark!

  • 8000 kg of Bakarwardi are currently packaged each day at the customer's factory and 50 doypack pouches are created per minute (250 g, 500 g) on the VELTEKO machine.

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