Doypack / Stand-up pouch & re-sealable flap

Packing mixture of nuts and dried fruit in a re-sealable stand-up pouch using system known as the re-sealable flap

HSV 280 Series packaging machines
Stand up pouch re sealable flap


Products Nuts and dried fruits
Dose 125 - 200g
Bag type Doy with re-seal tape and flap over
Performance 65-70 bags/min
Type of film Laminated thermal sealable
Bag size/drg. 130 x 65 x 180mm
Film width 465 mm
Stand-up pouch & re-sealable flap VFFS packaging machine


VERSATILE-280 Conti machine with tape applicator and printer

The tape applicator is mounted on the unwinding frame.

Tape is attached to the packaging film at desired location and pulled together with moving film.

The packaging film is on both sides heat sealable in order to seal the flap to front face of the bag.

Stand up pouch re sealable flap


- The device meets the agreed parameters
- The appearance of the bag meets the customer's expectations
- The equipment works properly under standard operating conditions.
- The combination scales supplied by the customer are fully compatible with the VELTEKO packaging line.

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