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I am pleased to provide a reference for Velteko, a European manufacturer of packaging machines and packaging lines. Baliarne obchodu and Velteko have developed a close relationship based on trust and honesty. I would like to thank Velteko for being one of our most dependable and professional business partners. They met our specific requirements for packaging loose tea and offered us a comprehensive packaging line that delivers value to our Slovakian customers.

The unique, versatile packaging solution from Velteko provided Balierne obchodu with the means to create two different types of bags for packaging a larger volume of tea pyramids. The versatility that Velteko has engineered into their packaging machines allows us to answer changing market demands and keep up with packaging trends. It has enabled us to achieve a quick changeover between „F“ and „D“ bags, while maintaining the required speed and achieving the required packaging volume. Moreover, the effectiveness of Velteko’s viable packaging solution enabled us to reduce space and the number of lines needed for packaging.

We are happy to report that we haven’t had any problems since the time our new Velteko packaging machine was installed in March 2013 and it is still operating very well. What we really appreciate is the service support we receive from Velteko. They are always there to help us resolve any issues in a timely manner. We hope that all future buyers will be as satisfied as we are.

Peter Paciga, Baliarne obchodu, a.s.

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